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Lejpurin, OOO

History of Enterprise Lejpurin, OOO

The Leipurin group was founded in 1920, in Finland and took part in development of the food industry of Finland from a vremenpolucheniye by Finland of independence. Owners of small family bakeries united and created trading house which was engaged in purchase and delivery of all necessary for needs of baking productions. Initially the company delivered only raw materials and ingredients, but soon began to carry out supplies of equipment also. B1940-x years of sale of the equipment was allocated in the isolated department.

For many years the company is a friend and the financial partner of the clients, helping to solve a set of the arising problems, and also the innovative supplier who helps the clients to develop business, by means of training and introduction of new production technologies of bakery products. Still v1930 to year in the company there was a prinyatpervy technologist whose tasks included development of new products, demonstration, training, technological a podderzhkanovinok at the enterprises of clients.

In 1972, in cooperation with Finnish Associations of Bakers, the first experimental baking center was created. In it novelties of bakery products were developed and tested, and also the products developed at the enterprises of clients were improved.

The 1970th years became the beginning of expansion of the company to other countries. In particular, these years the company of a nachl to carry out deliveries of the baking equipment to the USSR enterprises. In 1990 the favorable economic situation in the world allowed to open branches of the company in several countries of the Baltic region at once. In 1994 the division in Estonia was open. And In 1997 the division in Russia, with head office in St. Petersburg was open.

The Russian division of the company actively develops - in 13 years of work branches in the majority of the cities-milionnikov of Russia were open: in Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Kazan. In 2005 "The international training center of bread baking" in St. Petersburg, together with St. Petersburg State University of low-temperature and food technologies - the first training center of the company in Russia was open. In 2009 "The Siberian training baking center" in Novosibirsk, together with Novosibirsk state technical university was open.

Inclusion of Finland into structure of the European Union and the cancellation of the state control of import connected with it between the countries by participants of the EU, allowed the company to expand significantly the nomenclature of the delivered goods, and strengthened the position of the company in the market.


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