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Kvelli's thickener
  • Kvelli's thickener

Kvelli's thickener

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Brand:Dawn Foods
Country of manufacture:Germany
Kvelli's thickener

 Thickener of "Kvelli"? it is a powdery component for receiving in the cold way of thermostable jellylike stuffings from any fruit and berry raw materials (juice, mashed potatoes, natural fruit and berries, compotes, etc.). Thus steady against baking and freezing receive jellylike fruit masses.

It is applied to liquid components, preventing spreading of fruit after defrosting. Maintains high temperature that allows to cook pies with the stuffing which is not losing color and without potek.

To mix 100-150 g of "Kvelli" from 200 g of sugar and to add the received mix to 1000 ml of fruit juice, compote or even water and at once to mix. To leave the received mix for 10-15 minutes for swelling and jellification, and then to mix once again. After that it is possible to bake. 
The ready stuffing can be used for cakes and pastries.

Preymushchestva of use:

  • it is well dissolved in liquid, does not form lumps -

  • gives to stuffings thermostable properties -

  • prevents release of juice from the fresh and frozen fruit -

  • it is economic in use -

  • stuffings on the basis of a thickener are steady against freezing and defrosting -

  • possibility of use in cookery -

  • various flavoring variations (apple/apricot/cherry) include. 


The main
The producer - Dawn Foods
Country producer Germany
Type Thickener
Structure E1422 starch
Additional characteristics
Appearance powder
Color white
Taste typical
Humidity 7,5
Packing paper bags with a polyethylene insert
Net weight 10 kg, 25 kg
Period of storage 24 months
Storage conditions at a temperature of 18-24 With in original packing
Brand:Dawn Foods
Country of manufacture:Germany
Information is up-to-date: 22.07.2019
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